In a Sep. 13 interview with the Times of Israel, Hend Al Otaiba of the UAE Foreign Ministry mentioned religious pluralism as one of the reasons why the Emirati people are enthusiastic about the normalization agreement with Israel. The other main reason, according to Al Otaiba, is the need for regional cooperation against mutual threats.

Syrian journalist and author Khatib Badala writes that Arabs “have a trait that separates us from all other peoples of the world: the love of death. We dream about death, find inspiration in it, and think about it every day.”

In the article, which appeared in the weekly journal Aneb Baladi, Badala asserts that “the love of death has brought death and destruction to the people of this region. Will a day come when we will embrace the culture of life? Perhaps.”

Writing in the Washington Post in late April about the need for international cooperation in light of the Corona epidemic, Jordan’s King Abdallah emphasizes that “we must have singular focus — the survival and well-being of human lives everywhere.”

On September 16th, PA television aired a speech by Chairman Mahmoud Abbas which dehumanized Jews and encouraged religious war, violence and martyrdom.

In the talk, Abbas blesses "religious warriors" (murabitin) and blesses "every drop of blood which has been spilled for Jerusalem." He also states that Al-Aqsa and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre belong to Arabs and that Jews have no right to "defile" them "with their filthy feet."

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The talk is part of a general campaign in the official PA media which encourages rock-throwing and martyrdom, even by children.

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