The Egyptian press has recently published a number of articles asserting that a change in the education system is required to help root out fundamentalist terrorism. Instead of glorifying hatred and violence, the schools should be extolling tolerance and humanism. Among the authors: Intellectual Sa’ad Al-Zayed (in Al-Sustour, May 9, 2022) and liberal journalist Khaled Montasser (Al-Ahram, May 11, 2022).

(June 2022) ISIS’s “West African Province” has announced that it killed six Christian civilians, including two priests, in the villages of Nagorni and Grama in Cameroon. ISIS also continues to attack Chrisitans in Nigeria and Mozambique.

(23/6/22) Deborah Lipstadt, the antisemitism monitor for the U.S. State Department, announced that her first official visit will be in Saudi Arabia. Lipstadt said the Saudis were very receptive to her inquiries about a visit, and her desire to meet with various representatives of the population. She believes the Saudis see her visit as an important statement about the positive changes taking place their society.

In a Sep. 13 interview with the Times of Israel, Hend Al Otaiba of the UAE Foreign Ministry mentioned religious pluralism as one of the reasons why the Emirati people are enthusiastic about the normalization agreement with Israel. The other main reason, according to Al Otaiba, is the need for regional cooperation against mutual threats.