A high-ranking Islamic delgation, led by Muslim World League head Mohammed al-Issa, visited the Auscwitz death camp in order to commemorate the Holocaust. The visit, which took place on January 23rd, was coordinated with teh American Jewsih Committee.

“To be here, among the children of Holocaust survivors and members of the Jewish and Islamic communities, is both a sacred duty and a profound honor,” Al-Issa said. “The unconscionable crimes to which we bear witness today are truly crimes against humanity. That is to say, a violation of us all, an affront to all of God’s children.”

The group included 25 prominent Islamic leaders among a total of 62 Muslims from 28 different countries.

The visit triggered a number of articles in the Arabic press which stressed the need to recognize and condemn the atrocities of the Holocuast.


Ataf Abu Rub, an Arab employee of the self-proclaimed Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem, was caught on camera denying the Holocaust. Although B'Tselem originally disputed the allegations against its employee, further investigation led the organization to admit they were true.


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Vayigash commentary:
The fact that a trusted employee of an ostensible human rights group harbors such attitudes is a further indication of the trivialization of the Holocaust - and, correspondingly, the value of human life - in the Middle East.

Sad development in inspiring story: Al Kuds professor who taught Holocaust resigns amidst condemnations. But he defiantly stands by his principles.

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