One doesn’t often find a kosher certification in Hebrew and a Khalal certification in Arabic side by side. But when Moroccan-born German businesswoman Nadya Doukali designed and marketed her “Ifterlade” chocolate bar, she went out of her way to make sure that both certifications were prominently displayed. Doukali, who has also authored children’s books about Islam, hopes that her new product can contribute to sweeter mutual relations between Jews and Muslims everywhere.

French President Francoise Hollande, speaking at the Arab World Institute shortly after the January terror attacks, stressed that "it is Muslims who are the first victims of fanaticism, fundamentalism and intolerance."  Read More

Vayigash Commentary: This is not only because most fatalities of Islamic terror are Muslims, but because those who embrace hateful ideologies become its moral casualties.

The Board of Education in Vienna has ordered that a Saudi-financed Muslim school be closed at the end of the school-year. The ruling came after the school, which was suspected of having an anti-Jewish curriculum, failed to present a list of its faculty. The school has four months to appeal the decision.

Once can ask why the school, if it is indeed guilty of hate education, should be allowed to operate until the end of the year.

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Authorities in The Hague, Holland, allowed Fabrice Schomberg to build a sukkah outside his home on condition that he dismantle it by 9:00 PM every evening. The restrictions are the result of fear the sukkah would be vandalized by Muslims. The local police had recommended prohibiting the erection of the sukkah altogether.

Schomberg and his supporters see the decision as sympotmatic of the general approach of the Dutch government to hateful behavior by Muslim groups. The government would rather encourage intended hate crime victims to keep a low profile than stand up for their rights, he says.

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