After the murder of a fifty year old man and his twenty-five year old son as they sat in their car on September 17th, residents of the Galilee village of Bin'e are accusing the police failing to protect them.

Police believe the victims are the latest result of an intra-family feud which had already led to the death of four other relatives in the previous two years.

Residents, who fear that their children may be shot by stray bullets, accuse the police of failing to take serious measures to combat the growing number of residents who buy guns illegally.

Mayor Abbas Titi stated that without the weapons, such drastic and difficult murders would not have happened.

Resident Hassan Bakri was more blunt: "If the weapons would have been aimed at Jews here in the region, the police would have solved this thing and removed all weapons from the village."

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Similar accusations were made after a murder in Jaljulya in May and a non-fatal shooting in Jasr A-Zarka in June.

Iman Kanji, a mother of five from Shefaram in the Galilee, was indicted on September 20th after she attempted to join up with ISIS in Syria. Kanji stated she wanted to give Sharia lessons to the ISIS forces in order to better their prospects for success.

Neighbors say she is from a respected and normative family in Shefaram, and that her husband and children were unaware of her plans.

Kanji travelled to Turkey with father in August. On August 28th she was arrested by the Turkish authorities while attemting to infilatrate into Syria, and was returned to Israel.

She has been charged with contact with a foreign agent and attempting to exit Israel illegally.

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Anett Haskia, an Arab Muslim, hopes to represent the "Jewish Home" party in the next Knesset. Haskia, who defines herself as an Israeli Zionist, is campaigning for a realstic slot in the "Jewish Home" primaries on Jauary 15th.

If elected, she would be the first Muslim MK in a right-wing party.

Haskia is a social activist working to fight extremism in the Arab sector. She accuses the Israeli Left and the Arab parties currently in Knesset of supporting policies which result in greater extremism.

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On September 21st Arab-Israeli leaders, in a demonstration in Jerusalem, demanded that Israeli society stop neglecting the issue of crime in Arab municipalities. Calling the growing "culture of crime" an epidemic, they called for confiscation of illegal weapons and punishments which will actually deter potential offenders. 60% of all reported crime in Israel takes place in the Arab sector, even though Arabs comprise only about 21% of the population.

The demsontrators included politcal and civic leaders who are often considered hostile to the State, including MK Masoud Ganaeim (Ra’am-Ta’al) and Muhammad Zeidan, head of the High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel.

Some of the demonstrators warned that although weapons are currently being aimed predominantly at fellow Arabs, in the future they may also be directed against Jews.

Read the article in the Times of Israel.

Vayigash commentary: The State of Israel, by failing to provide basic law enforcement in Arab villages, is directly responsible for this increase in immoral and unjust behavior. This is outrageous and must be changed in the near future.