After the murder of a fifty year old man and his twenty-five year old son as they sat in their car on September 17th, residents of the Galilee village of Bin'e are accusing the police failing to protect them.

Police believe the victims are the latest result of an intra-family feud which had already led to the death of four other relatives in the previous two years.

Residents, who fear that their children may be shot by stray bullets, accuse the police of failing to take serious measures to combat the growing number of residents who buy guns illegally.

Mayor Abbas Titi stated that without the weapons, such drastic and difficult murders would not have happened.

Resident Hassan Bakri was more blunt: "If the weapons would have been aimed at Jews here in the region, the police would have solved this thing and removed all weapons from the village."

Watch the report on "Mabat" (approximately 42 minutes into the broadcast)

Similar accusations were made after a murder in Jaljulya in May and a non-fatal shooting in Jasr A-Zarka in June.